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Important Documents

You can find and access frequently needed documents.


Forgot Email addy or PW when I applied

You can search in your email for an email from or your user name is your email and your password is the first ignition al of your first name (upper case) the first letter of your last name (lower case) the “@”  the last 4 of your social. For Example: John Smith would be Js@1234

When is my timesheet due

Our work week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Time sheets are due on Mondays by 10:00am for the prior week’s hours.

Where can I obtain a timesheet

Click here to access timesheet and instructions.

When is payday

Pay day is every Friday following the work week.

How do I get paid

Client First Staffing only offers direct deposit or money card.

What Benefits are offered

You can view the benefits offered in your online portal. Here are step-by-step instructions on where to find that information.

What holidays do client first staffing pay.

ESSG offers holiday pay to eligible employees for the following six holidays:

  • New Year’s Day • Memorial Day • Independence Day • Labor Day • Thanksgiving Day • Christmas Day

As an ESSG employee, you will qualify for holiday pay after working 1000 regular hours during the previous 183 days before the holiday. To receive holiday pay you must be on a current assignment. You will be required to work the last scheduled day immediately preceding the holiday that the customer worked, and the first scheduled workday immediately following the holiday that the customer worked.

When is my W2 Available

W2 is available no later than January 31st of the next year.

How can I access my W2

You can call in a request to 952-767-5819 (voicemail only) or email (faster response)

What if my W2 Information is incorrect

You can call in a request to 952-767-5819 (voicemail only) or email (faster response)

How do I quit/Change Assignments

Client First Staffing required 1 week notice. If you fail to provide proper notice you will not be eligible for a new assignment for 1 year.

When do I become permanent

Each client is different. When you are assigned, you can ask your staffing specialist for specifics.

How do I obtain verification of earnings

You will need to fax a “VOE form” from the requesting agency/Company to 952-767-9475 please make sure the form has your full name and social on the form. If you have any questions you can call 952-835-1288