Getting Over The Hump: Wednesday Blog 5/27/2015

Good morning Central Arkansas and welcome to the May, 27th 2015 edition of "Getting Over The Hump" our weekly Wednesday blog from Client First Staffing Solutions. This week we're looking at how spending money with the RIGHT staffing service actually SAVES your company money not just in the long-run, but throughout the process of hiring. From job posting to resume perusing and on to interviewing and finally decision making. Time IS money. While saving time is not the only measure of a staffing agencies value to your company it's certainly one of features that this reporter (or in this case, guy who gets to be one for the sake of the blog) can say with certainty is beneficial to every company.

Many owners, managers and human resource professionals have spent countless hours, days and longer studying resumes and interviewing candidates only to find that although they hired the person who's resume best matched a posted skill set or educational background they flat out are not the right person. Press repeat. While no agency in their right mind can guarantee the 100% correct hire every time, we are dealing with human beings here, we can simplify the process for our clients. We get to know you from outside your "bubble" and identify the grey area beyond the black and white of a job-posting. While "3-5 years of ________" and "Certificate of ________" are important and often times speak volumes about a candidates viability for a certain position, there's much more to the candidate, much more to the position and much more to your company. 

Staffing agencies help you maintain your productivity. A lot of companies assign candidate reasearch and hiring to department heads or other members of the staff who have more than enough already on their plates. By pushing aside their "actual" job duties this process forces delayed results and/or additional overhead through overtime pay or other results that can be negative to a companies' bottom line. Remember...time is money. That money can quickly turn in to time and a half if not well spent. While we don't have a fix-all for every company in every industry for every job opening (Side note: no agency does. Anyone who claims to....just run) we do offer a no-cost consultation to meet with you and identify your staffing needs so we can address them. One size absolutely does NOT fit all. If your company has a need we can address while saving you time and money and helping to benefit your bottom line, we will address it. 

We thank you for your time and invite you to learn more about what we here at Client First Staffing have to offer.  We invite you to give us a call at (501) 225-3444 or check us out online at We also have and maintain sites on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram and Google Plus for the more social media-savvy among you. With that said, we wish everyone a very happy hump day and again, we thank you for your time.

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